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Saturday, 5 August 2017


  • Dear participants! A new week has begun with another weekly news digest. First let’s note that around the world MMM shows excellent, positive dynamics and rapidly moves forward.
    Our participants have been active, they have been providing and getting help, inviting newbies, building structures. The current MMM’s development and work pleases its members. By and large, everybody is happy.
    And now, as last time, we run through the most interesting events of the previous week. So, here we go! ;-))

  • In MMM Australia, the webinars oriented to the public financial literacy were launched on an ongoing basis. Last week, we received a lot of letters of gratitude for running this kind of webinars. Thank you, we are also happy to please our participants. ;-))
  • In South Africa the guiders who hosted a number of great offline events showed themselves perfectly. This aroused new members’ genuine interest and desire to change the world along with MMM. Keep it that way, guys! By the way, in the MMM Abroad section, you can find new videos from the last offline events in MMM South Africa. So, come to watch them. :-))
  • In China, MMM keeps saving lives. An ordinary participant wrote to one of our online-consultants last week and expressed the gratitude for saving his daughter. It turned out that several months ago we had released all his Old Mavro which helped him to raise money for expensive surgery. In the past week, doctors said that operation had gone very well and a child will get better soon. We hope a little girl will feel better as soon as possible. We are happy that could help.
  • In Brazil the MMM’s popularity grows considerably on Facebook and YouTube. There are more and more subscribers day by day. This is due not least to the fact how the guiders have grown. They became more active and brave, while their actions — more efficient. We want to point out the guider Alissandra who previously was afraid of arranging offline events. Now she has overcome her fear and gathered an audience of 200 people (as in the past week), and most of them join MMM. Keep it up!
  • Besides, on the Brazilian roads people can see cars with the MMM logo on them. It’s a real pleasure. :-)) You can see the photo of the cars in the “Photo and video” section.
  • MMM Zimbabwe continues its stable and efficient work. The number of positive Testimonials from MMM Zimbabwe members is increasing day by day. That’s the kind of the pleasant cooperation!
  • As well as the week before last, this time the number of the participants preferring bitcoins has markedly increased. We are sure that after the successful SegWit activation the number of those who wish to use the cryptocurrency will become even more. Actually, it’s quite natural. So far as using bitcoin is faster, safer and more beneficial — why not doing that?
  • Turkey, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and many other countries had seminars attended by a great number of people. Most of them eventually have joined our big family consisting of over 235 million of people worldwide. Welcome!
  • The first MMM’s office has been opened in Colombia. So, feel free to visit it — we will be very glad to see you. ;-)) See the office signboard in the “Photo and video” section.
  • In Mexico and Argentina last week, around 150 new guiders graduated from the Guiders’ School. They are inspired and willing to work for MMM. We are always happy to have talented and ambitious graduates!
  • Our participant from Ghana made a very positive and creative video Testimonial, for which he has received well-deserved 10%. The participants have been constantly sending us loads of cool videos, but this very video we wanted to emphasize particularly — it’s a really cool job! :-)) Everyone should watch that
  • MMM Nigeria keeps hosting charity events. Last week another very well organized fundraiser took place. We are very pleased to do charity work and encourage everyone to help the needy. Charity is the basis of our Ideology.
  • In Peru MMM is getting more and more popular. There is a funny story, by the way. When one of our administrators was shopping, he encountered some people in the shop talking about MMM. Our administrator had a lovely conversation with them and returned home with a smile on his face. That’s just how it has to be, yet it’s pleasant. :-))
  • MMM Philippines is successfully regaining the trust of old participants. The Community has been paying to everyone for 11 months, without disruptions and delays. In the past week, a lot of old guiders returned to us, who will lead the system forward. We are glad to see you again, friends!
  • Last week in MMM Turkey the first batch graduation of the Guider School took place. Congratulations to all the graduates, we wish you a great number of accomplishments! Of course, for MMM’s good! :-)) In addition, a new 1000 + guider has appeared in MMM Turkey! Hooray-hooray-hooray! Congratulations!

Let’s make a wrap-up:
MMM is still perfectly developing, and the last week is a clear demonstration of that. With each passing day, we become even stronger. Our mutual aid Community is surely moving forward toward a set goal — we are building a new fair world, where everyone will live happily. And we definitely will achieve this goal!
Continue to actively participate in MMM: provide help, call newbies, build structures. Remember that you create a new, happy future for yourself and your children. Join MMM and change the world with your own hands! We Change the World!
See you next week!
Yours sincerely, MMM Administration!

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