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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Davido: Who Is He?

We can say with certainty that every Nigerian has heard of Davido at least once in their lives. But how did he get this famous? What is his secret? What does Davido do when paparazzi look the other way? Let’s talk about it!

The star of Nigerian music industry was born on November 21, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Yes, your favourite Nigerian music artist was actually born in America! When Davido’s father Adedeji Adeleke came to the States to build his business, he met the woman that soon became his wife and Davido’s mother. At the time, she used to work at the local university as a lecturer. Unfortunately, she is now deceased.

There is little to no information about Davido’s early years. What we do know is that he went to the British International School here, in Lagos, and then went back to the US to study Business Administration at the Oakwood University.

While Davido was attending the university, he met some people that actually inspired him to become who he is today. His upstairs neighbour had his own little recording studio, so he offered Davido to invest in it and produce his own music. Davido agreed, and thus the first step to his international fame had been taken.

All the way until 2011, music was nothing more than a hobby for Davido. He used to sing in an American music group by the name of KB International, but he soon realised that he wanted to go solo. Davido sent some of his demo-tracks to his cousin in Nigeria and then abruptly dropped out of the university and moved to London.

However, Davido decided to move back to Nigeria in 2011. He had his mind set on becoming a serious musician, so, in order to have his father’s support (both financial and moral), the future star enrolled in Babcock University, where he studied Music.

At the same time, he released his first single called Dami Duro, which became wildly popular. A year later, Davido released his debut album by the name of Omo Baba Olowo, and things went on from there.

By the time he graduated from the university in 2015, he had already had dozens of singles and awards, which had brought him immense popularity in Nigeria and overseas. Davido is currently working on another album that his fans have been waiting for a very long time.

Nevertheless, Davido’s music career is not the only thing he is known for. For the longest time, his name stayed on the front pages of all magazines and news websites because his personal life is nothing short of a soap opera. 

Even though the musician is not even 25 years old, he already has two confirmed children and a few alleged kids. What is interesting, though, is that he is still not married. Every Davido’s relationship ended up in the news for one reason or another. 

The story that attracted the most attention was the feud between Davido and his first baby mama Sophia (Sophie) Momodu. It is too long to recount here, but you can find out more about Davido in our other articles. Visit blogmall to get all the latest info about the artist and his personal life. As of now, it is hard to tell whether Davido is in a relationship with anyone, but we are almost certain that it will not last all that long.

As Davido loves to flash his expensive lifestyle on his social media, many people are curious exactly how much money he has. Well, Davido made it to the 2017 Forbes Africa list of most bankable artists. Some experts estimate that his net worth is around $14-16 million. No wonder he had so many women in his life! While a big portion of this money comes from his music, Davido also earns quite a lot by endorsing various brands, such as MTNGuinness and many others.

All in all, Davido is a talented music artist that loves to live big and be surrounded by beautiful ladies. We have no doubts that we will see him on the news soon enough with another single or another baby mama story.

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