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Wednesday, 27 December 2017


There’s something about the holiday season, the magic in the air, connecting with friends and relatives you haven’t seen all year, the joy of remembering just how blessed you are … And sometimes, “Christmas miracles” aren’t only the stuff of Hallmark movies. Sometimes they happen in real life, when people are at the right place at the right time to help where needed. That’s exactly what happened to the Travis family of Vale, North Carolina on Christmas Eve this year.

Crystal Travis tells Babble that she and her daughter Tori were going to grab lunch on December 24 after visiting with Crystal’s son when they happened upon a frenetic scene.

“We saw a house with smoke and flames, and pulled over to see if we could help,” Crystal says. “We didn’t know if there were even people inside, or what was going on. As we pulled up, the lady who lived there ran down the steps and quickly handed the baby to the neighbor. We asked, ‘Is everyone out? Are there pets inside? How can we help?'”

Crystal explains that a man who presumably lived in the home looked at her and said simply, “Here,” before he started tossing Christmas presents and baby items out the door.

“My daughter and I were helping get the items out of harms way when the propane tank exploded, and we all ran,” she continues. “There was a lot of running, a lot of yelling. It was very chaotic, it was hard to breathe. Lots of smoke so quickly. By this time there were first responders arriving, and since everyone was out, my daughter and I left, so we wouldn’t be in the way of emergency personnel.”

Incredible, right? Just wait.

Once they were safely out of harm’s way, Crystal and her daughter thought to call Crystal’s husband Roger immediately. Little did they know he’d have a story of his own.

Crystal tells Babble that Roger, the owner of Travis Roofing and a former first responder himself, wanted to meet up and see if they were both okay after such a traumatic event — and also because they both were still wheezing and coughing. But when Crystal and Tori arrived at their meeting place, Roger wasn’t there.

It wasn’t until Crystal saw an ambulance fly by and received a call from her husband that she learned of the second Christmas miracle the Travis family would experience that day.

Crystal shares with Babble that on the way to meet them, Roger “came up on a car stopped in the road, and thinking [a] motorist [was in] distress, he pulled over and got out to see if he could be of assistance.” Roger says he then saw a baby and heard people for yelling help, asking someone to do CPR. He and another gentleman who happened upon the scene immediately performed CPR — after which the baby regained its pulse and began crying, and was handed over to rescue workers for medical assistance.

What are the chances that these two terrifying — yet miraculous — events occurred almost simultaneously? Pretty slim, I’d say. And no one’s more aware of that fact than the Travis family.

“God put us at the right moment, at the right time, for the people that needed us the most,” Roger Travis later told Action News Jax.

All of the people who were helped that day — from those who lost their home in the fire to the family of the child who needed CPR — are all safe and out of harm’s way, in part due to the Travis family’s courage and willingness to jump in and help. If you ask me, their selfless acts embody the true spirit of Christmas — kindness and generosity of spirit. And they now have a story of their own Christmas miracle, which I’m sure they’ll be telling for years to come.

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